Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Percussions and Repercussions PT.5

The HumpDay Extravaganza is underway!! check us out!! actually,  on any day as we provide the percussions..

Getting over the hump is the business, unless getting over the hump means shady business like Georgia and Florida voter suppression; that will lead to repercussions..

Otherwise? getting over the hump is the business, even though it's rough out here!!  some of my constituents were in need of care packages.

The wise and otherwise? they mentioned tough luck;  "ain't that a shame"  was heard from naysayers,  no prayers not even for migrant caravan participants.

It's rough out here for a player!! damn!! even a ruckus was promised by Trump just as soon as the migrant caravan reaches the border.

What's up with us?  beats bump and this good word is dropped but naysayers think we're out of order.

No justice no peace? our borders / boundaries are fortified / shielded;  silver bullet or the cross for a vampire?

Percussions will hit up a so called / wannabe Fortnite like player;  never yielded / trying to pull it!!  much respect but it's hot out here like the California Camp Fire. 

Repercussions for a player sitting by the campfire chilling; they didn't play the sport right!!  they'll run the score up on ya until the shot clock will expire. 

What's up son? we're putting a stamp on it!! going postal, but  expecting a hustle knock from the empire.

O-Dizzle?  Sonic Assaults are unleashed!! dropping the percussions while O-Zone dropped these discussions!!  during these breakbeat scientific sessions it's a priority..

What's the dizzle? thought and fashion police with the repercussions? fanatics rolling with the Atlantic Council and the Federalist Society? 

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