Monday, November 05, 2018

Percussions and Repercussions PT.4

Sunday Jazz and Digital Crate Digging Continues!! but at the moment this good word is dripping. 

Will this son of God spaz during Scorpio season? oh yes, it's in affect!!  adversity anniversaries are celebrated plus breakbeat scientific studies will continue;  the antidote for flipping.

Is it odd that I play it another way? check the percussions and the discussions as the beat and the quote are  the alternative to spazzing or flipping out on some fools. 

Using percussions when dealing with the repercussions? damn!! the street won't vote me player of the year!! don't get me wrong, the street code is followed but some of these new schoolers changed the rules. reality will change some fools; voting suppressors like Brian Kemp makes accusations against the Democrats? oh,  now they wanna act different!! 

Whitey Bulger type of karma / repercussions await Aretha Franklin "chain chain chain"  Chain of Fools;  can you dig it? 

Ringing the alarm for ya on a Monday Morning with the percussions; the funk is "stankin"; we're going in / getting it in!! we're following breakbeat scientific rules / routines / rites and rituals. 

Getting in where I fit in?  that'll be hard to do when dealing with these habituals. 

What it do / what it does?  that's what O-Zone is working on, like a catch phrase by your local media the story is unfolding as we speak. 

..or as I write this;  enlightening this and that one while O-Dizzle is on one!!  the sound he will tweak.

 Percussions and repercussions in these discussions? oh yes!  reality will wreak havoc on those who aren't rolling right. 

What it do?  in the background I can here Barry White saying sho you right.

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