Sunday, November 04, 2018

Glenn Underground - Easy Grooves

Sunday Jazz Continues!! once again it's on and popping, we're not stopping..

These menus are full of traditional jazz, soul jazz, jazz funk and jazzdance; that's what we're dropping...

We're not stopping, even jazz rocking!! didn't spazz due to the hustle knocking like Bryan Kemp accusing the Democrats of hacking the state of Georgia voter database 

..even though he and his advocates practiced voter suppression down here in Georgia, against Stacy Abrams so what's the case?

Meanwhile we're on the case rolling up in M1 Abrams tanks aka the hooptie; for Sunday jazz? like Glenn Underground we've got  Easy Grooves

Check the style, as we play that jazzdance sound, gaining ground but it's rough out here; there are no easy moves...

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