Monday, November 12, 2018

When House Meets Disco

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Music Monday; check us out, it's going down like this!!

The rain continues to fall down here in Atlanta, while so called pundits and experts see the reign falling!! who's ready to fight for that or this?

From the Oakland Raiders burning it all down before they go to Las Vegas to The Democrats flipping the House of Representatives it all falls down!!

Meanwhile we're getting open, even though things are burning down like the California Camp Fire; before the shot clock will expire we're dropping this disco / house music; representing!! check the sound!!

It's going down like this!! per this DJ Groove mix we're at the intersection where / When House Meets Disco

It's going down like this!! we're in a groove!! check out the playlist and the mix as we continue to play this house and disco!!

TRACKLIST 01. (00:00) Shuya Okino, Navasha Daya - Still In Love (Dr. Packer)
02. (06:45) Right To Life - Strong Enough (Micky More & Andy Tee)
03. (11:30) Donna Allen - He Is The Joy (Troublemen)
04. (18:32) Jay Williams, Urban Blues Project - Testify (Mousse T.'s Test-A-Dub)
05. (24:46) Disco Incorporated - Mr. Montana
06. (31:00) Sartorial - Electric Lane
06. (35:20) Johnny Karaguez, Reset Preset - You've Got To (Give It)
07. (41:02) Marvin Aloys, Rough Traders - Get Down Tonight
08. (47:16) Gwen Mccrae, Disclosure - Funky Sensation
09. (49:30) Superlover - If You Feel
10. (56:11) Jarred Gallo - Eyes On The Prize
11. (59:30) Purple Disco Machine, Baxter - Encore (Mousse T)
12. (1:04:03) Re-Tide, Moon Rocket - Could Even Ever Be Like This (Mattei & Omich)
13. (1:11:20) Mijangos - In Time
14. (1:14:27) Jo Paciello, Soul Train - Mocha & Latte
15. (1:19:01) Klash Rivera - Here I Stand
16. (1:24:37) Tomasz Wakulewski - About You

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