Monday, November 19, 2018

Beauty Of Loneliness | Deep Progressive House Set | 2018 Mixed By Johnny M | DEM Radio Podcast

Digital Crate Digging Continues, the time frame? this episode falls under the Music Monday format.

The saga / struggle continues, it's rough out here!! reality will walk all over you like a doormat..

Near crashes make you spill the drink on the floor mat while you were trying to score this or that; handling danger zone business? 

Clashes with so called Titans were exciting to some, until they ran up the score on you; O-Zone? he knew the business!!

Clashes had a brotha setting up zone defenses like Syracuse, but were they exposed per their losses to Oregon and Connecticut? 

Appreciating the Beauty Of Loneliness per this  Deep Progressive House Set | 2018 Mixed By Johnny M | DEM Radio Podcast; check out the playlist and the mix!! sounds will blast while we're laying in the cut!!

Tracklist: 01. Katzen - Utopia (Ben Shaw Remix) 00:00 02. Kamilo Sanclemente - Hercolobous (Original Mix) 07:48 03. Vendex - Obscure (Original Mix) 13:24 04. Jacob Seville - Somewhere In Orbit (Original Mix) 20:41 05. Kaysen - Dynamo (Paul Hamilton Remix) 25:53 06. Emi Galvan - Leave (Kamilo Sanclemente Remix) 31:09 07. Donatello - Moon Walk (Stan Kolev Remix) 37:23 08. Toigo - Autumn (Original Mix) 43:23 09. Glenn Morrison - Nuclear Ramjet (Chris Cargo Remix) 48:50 10. Dizharmonia - Alchemia (Original Mix) 55:13

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