Thursday, November 08, 2018

Soulful Mix Nov 2018

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Throwback Thursday; of course we'll get breakbeat scientific with it..

On my satellite station I presented the manisfesto; we go back and move forward not letting it go!! retro-futuristic with it...

What it do? it's magic, presto!! so, what's next bro? at the moment the O-Dog Day Party is rocking..

Just in time for Scorpio Season; November with the cool weather, plus O-Zone is cool like this weather; he's rocking!!

How will the sport go? treason is expected per Trump trying to use Matthew Whitaker to  shut down Robert Mueller; what's up?  Jeff Sessions is gone while Mitch McConnell talks greasy to the Democrats...

How will the sport go? from this perspective beats will bump when we get with ya!! these  percussions and repercussions won't fail to school fanatics!! 

Plus mathematics are dropped; during these sessions you'll have to  add it up,!! let the music take your mind per this Soulful Mix Nov 2018 courtesy of  DJ Steve Adams..

Back with this!! just in time for Scorpio Season /  November!! check the playlist and the mix; once again it's on!! the O-Dog Day Party is jamming!!

1. Craig Stewart, Andy Edit, NatMor - The Sol
2. Matt D & Claudio Deeper - Show Me The Way (DJ Spen & Reelsoul Remix)
3. Rob Hayes - Starlight
4. Kathy Brown - Your Touch (Booker T Vocal Mix)
5. Tony Momrelle - This Isn't Love (Reel People Remix)
6. Souxsoul - Everyday
7. Sterling Void ft Paris Brightledge - It's Alright (DJ Spen & Reelsoul Extended Mix)
8. Pad Beryll & Andrea Love - Under Your Spell (Richard Earnshaw Remix)
9. Sebb Junior & Tasha LaRae - Never Be Alone (Koolstyle Remix)
10. Seamus Haji Pres. Mekkah - Race Of Survival (Richard Earnshaw Extended ReVibe)
11. Ridney ft Sander Nijbroek - What You Mean To Say (Richard Earnshaw Club Mix)
12. Norty Cotto & Michelle Rivera - Nights (Feel Like Getting Down) (Norty Cotto O C D Club Mix)
13. Pray For More & Eric B Turner - Someday (Pray For More Remix)
14. Lonely C ft Kendra Foster - Hold Up (Mike Dunn BlackBall Vokal Remix)
15. Clare Conlon - Remember The Time (Richard Earnshaw Remix)

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