Thursday, November 29, 2018

Percussions and Repercussions PT.10

Breaking it down then building it up again!! there will be repercussions;  it's like divide and conquer.

Faking the funk?  naw!! not on this Throwback Thursday or any day,  check out the percussions!!  we're putting it down again!!  check out the word from our sponsor.

...that's O-Zone,  while the funk is dropped on this attack zone by O-Dizzle.

...also known as O-Dog; didn't fall for the okey-doke like Mike Pompeo and James Mattis briefing the Senate concerning the death of Jamal Khashoggi  without Gina Haspel's input;  a brotha is a survivor of the mirror enhanced smoke and fog!!  now that's the dizzle. 

Due to the mirror enhanced smoke and fog? there will be repercussions!! plans will fizzle out here in this so called "holiday season"

Oh yes!! fried turkeys sizzled due to Thanksgiving;  money spent per Black Friday,  the reason for the season? 

Jive turkeys were the reason for the treason, check out how they're living!! even flying pastors are dropping science,   now my constituents are feeling some kind of way.

All the way live is how we work these!!  lying out in or put out to pasture due to the Facebook purge? naw, not influenced by social media!!  that's not how we play. 

Per the percussions? jokers will face repercussions!! face to face with the hook lines and beats from O-Dizzle per the street funk!! we will play the sound,  plus drop this good word!!  check the breakbeat scientific curriculum. 

Check these discussions, we're not playing around out in these streets!!  check the knowledge we kick to them.

Not trying to get slick with them like Rudy Giuliani /  Paul Manafort's and Trump's lawyers collaborating?  there's enough hating,  society has already done that. 

Check out this breakbeat science we kick!! breaking it down for them!!  this how we run this or that!

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