Sunday, November 25, 2018

Tom Scott - You've Got The Feel'n

Sunday Jazz Continues as this Thanksgiving Day Weekend comes to a close...

The saga / struggle continues!! thanks are given even though the struggle is real!! everybody wasn't feeling it based on what they've had to deal with it!!  plus if your trying to move on up? the devil and his advocates will oppose..

The saga / struggle continues down this path we chose, being real with it!! dropping this good word and the sound is the move we'll make...

The saga / struggle continues, who's down with this math we're dropping? actually? there's nothing to prove to the fake...

Some of my constituents we're like this song by Tom Scott; oh yes!! I told them You've Got The Feel'n, they know where I'm coming from!!

What's the deal with it? check out the all star players and the track as we bring it back!! we're good word dropping plus funky drumming!!

Bass – Gary King
Drums – Steve Gadd
Guitar – Eric GaleHugh McCracken
Horns – Tom Scott
Percussion – Ralph MacDonald
Piano – Richard Tee

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