Friday, November 16, 2018

Percussions and Repercussions PT.6

It's going down a Flashback Friday, as I do things my way!! check out the discussions and percussions..

Gave the cash back, broke but doing things my way!! per Julian Assange  and Wikileaks the corruptions will lead to repercussions..

What's the deal? who's stranded out there? I was even caught out there in the Olds Cutlass Supreme due to transmission fluid leaks!! high rollers experiencing losing streaks even on a SpaceShipOne  private spaceship? 

What's the deal? who's stranded out there? your supreme leader dealing with Robert Mueller?  I told some I wasn't fooling with ya, talking about getting it how you live / taking it anyway you can get it..

Per Flashback Friday? even The Hot Boys mentioned Get It How U Live, now who's branded like Chuck Connors? so what's up with it? peeped game, saw some deal with the repercussions now they didn't know what to say to me!!

Per Flashback Friday, this hot mess is back? boy please!! check the percussions after The Mothership landed on earth!! earthlings weren't checking for me, no honors given!! at the end of the day? Moms had to pray for me.

Mathematics are dropped with the good word!! check the percussions as O-Dog played the funk for me!! part of the breakbeat scientific manifesto mentioned earlier...

Fanatics stopped / blocked  repercussions some were facing like Chuck Schumer intervening for Facebook; meanwhile naysayers dealing with me mentioned being face to face with a crook; please! O-Dizzle had hook lines and his own beats per the Street Funk!! he had work to do!!  

What it do? those that act brand new with me might have played themselves, facing repercussions  due to the funk they  find themselves in.

What it do? we didn't stray off the path,  we went on with our bad selves!! now what's happening?

Check these discussion, we didn't stay off the math it's still dropped!! check the percussions as we're strapping back in to the Mothership for the Mystic Voyage..

Check the repercussions? who'll feel the wrath?  a brotha gets scientific while peeping game; who's for us or against us?

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