Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Percussions and Repercussions PT.8

What's up with it? some didn't man up in the sport, rolling like Paul Manafort; soon they'll face repercussions..

What's up with it? the mission? we didn't abort!! we'll drop this good word along with the percussions!!

The mothership gets good mileage like the NASA InSight spacecraft landing on Mars so we're out here doing the knowledge;  it's business as usual. 

Thanksgiving /  Black Friday and Cyber Monday were dealt with by others but it's back to a sense of normalcy for these brothers; Amazon made all the money,  but we're just doing what we do. 

Check the percussions!! on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday this is how this black man will play!! the funk or stank is what we're giving,  along with this forensic rhetoric. 

This is how we're living,  but check the repercussions!! like the Trump endorsed aggression by Russia against Ukraine we're facing strong opposition from those that disrespected. 

Heard the discussions; they're mad because we disconnected, we're just trying to maintain!!  we're out here taking mystic voyages.

Ignored the corruptions similar to Georgia and Florida voter suppression!! now  unraveling the dark mystery of time and space based on a dark history up in this place!!  one up in my face discourages. 

We continue to work this breakbeat scientific format! check these sessions, we're  "going on with that" ;  it's like the encouragement received from the elders. 

...from back in the day;  now after the brief hiatus we're back in the fray!!  blue collar with it like mechanics laborers or welders.

Back in the way with these percussions? mechanical engineering will rebuke the ongoing social engineering..

Keeping track of the repercussions with these discussions; per Trump endorsing white supremacists society is full of loathing and fearing...

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