Friday, January 23, 2015

Classic Aggression PT.2 (Conducting The Funk Seminar)

                                        healing the emotional scar

Conducting the Funk Seminar !! especially after the reality jar!! it was from all sides / from all fronts..

Haters corrupting the data base? oh yeah!! it was like the Sony Hack!!  but it's par for the course when during The Interview a hater fronts...

The heavy hitter bunts!! damn!! the dolla chase got the best of him...

Hollywood types pull stunts; then New England Patriots deflate balls while a Seth Rogen like patriot  fronts but they have deflated balls!!  damn!! the apparatus has a test for them...

An American Sniper was told It's Gotta Be Good;   check the status as O-Dog hunts for the Perfect Beat like Afrika Bambaataa..

Class is in session; per this classic aggression?  It's Gotta Be Hood!! please!!  I see how the apparatus attacks Obama...

Caught up in the drama;  the old schooler Abdullah from back in the day told me to school ya;  R.I.P.  to Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah as we get Slick like Rick the Ruler too!!

Funk Seminars are conducted; check The Sonic Assault; funky!!  that's what an O-Dog track will do..

As NSA / GPS tracks you and your crew!! damn!! sometimes we play ourselves as we leave evidence laying around..

*Check Out What We Do To Ourselves*  meanwhile based on CD's, cassettes and vinyl in the garage on shelves the Brotha O-Dog plays the sound...

O-Zone? I'm not playing around with these folks; check out this classic aggression!!   *I'm Sick and Tired Of Being Sick and Tired*

Visualized The Sequence / peeped this;  and that!!  class is in session!! did anybody else see what's up? so what transpired?


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