Monday, January 26, 2015

Sticking To The Original Plan. PT.2

Spinmasters were like New England Patriots per deflategate as they practice damage control;  meanwhile ex-military officers / so called patriots work for Fox News...

O-Dog spins old vinyl masters; sticking to the original plan, another type of damage control!! using old funk; jazz; house music ; rock and the blues..

Using a rock concert Bic lighter when lighting the fuse? Boom Boom goes the 808 during the Sonic Assault; it's reloaded...

Live Without Light? get your mind right!! It's Not Natural.!!  meanwhile the situation is out of control as ear shattering gunshots exploded...

Monday Morning Blahs are interrupted!!  due to Sony Hacks databases were corrupted!! your boat will get jacked off the coast of Somalia!! 21st Century pirates!!

Gamblers Out For A Fast Buck?  check the mortgage crisis!! you know what's up!! Century 21 realtors lied about this...

Drug dealers / Coldwell Bankers?  Just Shady Characters wearing different uniforms..

Wannabe weather makers / forecasters will throw shade;  not Al Roker another joker!!  they'll manipulate then predict perfect storms..

Lke the storm approaching the Northeast; reminded of the cliche no justice no peace!! shelter from the storms? in the A-Town homie lived under the Railroad Gulch..

..Plus I spotted the homeless sleeping / wrapped up on the church steps over on Candler Road in Decatur due to the economic drought thats ongoing in Georgia; as I get breakbeat scientific I had a secret garden!!  seeds planted in fertile soil with mulch..

Not much growing?  please!! we're going for what we're knowing!!  we're intergalatic like the Mars Curiosity Rover on the Red Planet..

Whatcha knowing? curiosity should lead to a clearance rack epiphany after the so called holidays; on earth? per NYC Chokeholds / Ferguson brothers and sisters are taken for granted

Sticking to the Original Plan After The Mothership Landed back down on earth;  word fron the salt of the earth / aphrodisiac

O-Zone!! similar to the Black or Jamaican Stone when I'm on an O-Dog track..

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