Saturday, January 24, 2015

Classic Aggression PT 3 (Conducting The Funk Seminar)

*As we freak this knowledge*  it's transferred from me to you; this is what it do!! but for the course?  that's par..

What it do? What it does? children of the black middle class found out what it was!! meanwhile were conducting The Funk Seminar..

What's the deal? we're back!! class is in session!! we're using the funk to heal the emotional scar;  this is The Healing Process..

Injured by the War Machine or an American Sniper?   who was getting hyper?  we're not part of the Iron Man movie!!  but we're dealing with the apparatus..

.....wanting us to settle for less; the aggression? we're classic with this!!  we're not having it!!!

Bringing this Funk Seminar;  jumping over the bar or The Sonic Assault will unravel it...

O-Zone? I travel far and wide for it out through the universe;  a freedom rider!! I stayed strong..

*In anotha zone*  *Parallel Dimension dwella*   if it's a ill spot? I didn't stay long..

Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio types populate the spot!! Sarah Palin joining them!! A brotha is praying long and hard!!  mentioned earlier; *That's The Way I Make It*

Some said it's all love but they were corrupt with it!! but Putin wonders what the ruble will do!!  act like you knew!! *That's The Way They Fake It*

That's why we're Conducting It; This Funk Seminar; Healing The Emotional Scar..

A-Town resident? oh yeah!! flying like a Hawk per Jeff Teague!! during the ongoing drama and intrigue we  jumped over the bar..

.....That haters tried to raise; wanting us to come in last in the race...

But God we praise!!  He's in control so games are won!! as The Funk Seminar takes place..

Check out this classic aggression!! we're on the case!! as we put it down like this!! like this!!

Class is in session during the ongoing spiritual warfare as we continue to fight this!! 

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