Friday, January 30, 2015

The Game Is Over...(Damn!! I Keep Telling Them) PT.3

Like Suge Knight locked up again the game is over; the shame is over; brothas are no longer making The Simple Complex....

Chilling out; had a good nights rest!! not out drinking Cristal with these fools or out searching for Crystal Skulls; not worried about the Alien or even the Zombie Apocalypse.

O-Dog is just rocking this!! he's in the lab pulling obscure sounds out of crates; vinyl and cassettes..

O-Dog is just rocking this; manipulating MP3's and CD's; the funk is what one gets...

History? a brotha never forgets; it repeats itself; it's like Ferguson / NYC Chokeholds or  like Islamic State attacks in Kirkuk ; Who's Part Of The Conspiracy?

Feel me on this;  we saw the sideways glances, plus heard the sidebar conversations and discussions; *There Will Be Repercussions*  dropping the funk is our priority..

The percussions are brought forth by O-Dog while  O-Zone has the Good Word..

Smoke and Mirrors show is in full effect; The Fog is heavy; the machine *Spits Smoke*  you heard?

It was heard from talking heads on various news outlets; The Simple Is Made Complex..

Through playing with them; The Game Is Over!! that's why we come with the next..

Some are thrown under the bus / thrown off the train; but the wrecks are ignored; just a distraction....

God's will is done; we ignored American Snipers trying to take us out!! we ignore so called checks and balances; just a distraction!!!

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