Saturday, January 17, 2015

The I-20 Chronicles; Getting Straight To The Point

It's going down; I Have A Dream!! I'm  writing this on the MLK Holiday weekend. 

It's going down!! part of a bigger plan not a plot or scheme; dipping down I-20 in Atlanta knowing reading and writing are fundamental!!  plus I get straight to the point!!  this is no dissertation.

Reading the signs then enlightening my people;  but when I *holla atcha*  the education is unconventional. 

Just like the wisdom;  some were hating like Florida police using images of black males as target practice; wannabe weather makers throwing shade in;  I wasn't with them!! I let them do what they do.

I dipped down I-20 getting straight to the point but they took the long way around or they went back and forth down the same street. 

..or they stayed in the same hood; but we took the sound as transportation!! it's funky like back and forth by Cameo!!  plus we had this good word we let you know about alt- shift- delete. 

The strategy used by the system; the architect of the matrix will make a cameo appearance but check how we get straight to the point. 

We're just doing what we do;  were not the ones the system will anoint. 

We're acting like we knew;  like Belgium heightening security because of terror threats... 

We already knew what it do; we'll be Branded like Chuck Connors as history repeats!!

Please!! when the mothership landed we knew there wouldn't be any honors or Golden Globe Awards per Selma!!

Please!! dipping down I-20 in Atlanta? a brotha gets scientific!!  getting straight to the point!! but we know no wins will be restored like Joe Paterno!! what can I tell ya? 

We just continue doing what we do; Check This Out!!

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