Thursday, January 22, 2015

Classic Aggression

So what's the deal? some people still haven't learned,  so class is session. 

Some people haven't learned;  bridges were burned or they collapse like in Cincinnati so what will the plan be?  I show class with this aggression. 

No manic depression!!  it's positive over negative!!  but classic aggression is displayed when the blackjack swings.

Blessing or a curse with the verse?  breakbeat science is what a bruh brings. 

Drama is what another brings;  like Ted Cruz hating on the Obama State Of The Union address. 

Drama is what another brings;  they're like crazy uncles and aunts at the family reunion bringing stress. 

Swinging the Sonic Blackjack; breaking the internet with this like  Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian?

Maybe breaking it like Kyle Korver with the dunk!!   meanwhile we drop this funk!! that's what the Sonic Blackjack is providing..

We continue riding for freedom realizing there's no justice no peace per the FBI probe of the Ferguson shooting..

Some continue hiding like Darren Wilson or fouls are blatant / flagrant like George Zimmerman as we keep dealing with crooks like the European Central Bank robbing and looting.. 

.....the masses along with other G20 crooks cooking the books; class is in session...

Check out this Funk Seminar as O-Dog uses hooklines and his own beats per the classic aggression!!

 Check out the Sonic Blackjack Mix PT.1

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