Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Sticking To The Original Plan PT.3 (It's Part Of A Bigger One)

                                    sticking to the original plan

No rules from the Geneva Convention were followed; Auschwitz concentration camp type of business was conducted; it was was disorderly..

This is next school wisdom; unconventional!! concentration used when I was posted up in the compound / camp!! I found out what the order will be..

Eastern?  Western? I found out where the border will be;  Saturn in Scorpio established the boundary?

Country Western boot scoot?  ghetto cha cha slide? through the portal I had to slide!!  funky is how the sound will be..

City Country City like the group War!! Southside Carolina Cruising low country choosing!! Midwest Louisville / Newburg eyes on St. Louis / Ferguson shenanigans;  where have you found me?

Dealing with Eastside /NYC chokeholders?  Westside per West Coasting; the drama is Worldwide per Boko Haram types bragging and boasting!!  the drama is all up in your ward; borough or county...

Insult added to injury; no comedy central type roasting!! soon jokers jumped bail!!  Dog The Bounty Hunter was sent....

Foot in mouth disease exhibited at the Freedom Summit in Iowa per Trump, Cruz and Palin?  please!!  even a court's log can circumvent...

They make a circus out of it!! but were sticking to the original plan!! check the status per the O-Dog drum kit  as beats thump and the funk is played!!

This is part of a bigger plan!! some will understand but who's really down?  the apparatus? some are working with it!!! Part Of The Conspiracy!!  part of the charade...

You'll Get Played!!!  oh they had you geeked up!! they told you to *Go For What You Know*

 ... Now caught out there in the system / matrix;  they didn't really want you to grow!!


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