Friday, January 30, 2015

Positive vs Negative; Please!! It's Gotta Be Good!!

 How were they living? over here in Decatur jokers said it had to be hood!!  I spotted the poster children for ghetto fabulous. 

Please!! it's tight in these hoods!! spotted the deliberate falsehoods!! I was forgiving,  hopefully vice versa per errors of the mind not the heart!!  positive is how I'm living,  that's what the deal is. 

Out here where the real is!! struggling like Tiger Woods but the posterior stays in motion!!  we kept it moving.

Out here where the real is; it's Gotta Be Good!! but we were posterized by reality on the fast break;  damn!!  what were we proving?

Some Knock on Wood per Eddie Floyd but blessed and highly favored per the Clark Sisters was the flavor!! now moving on to the next!!  why make the simple complex? 

Over in Louisville / Newburg dude looked like Sleepy Floyd!! damn!! negativity had us out there where the sport was already complex!! 

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