Sunday, January 25, 2015

Concepts Are Revisited Like Family Reunions: Debatable Circumstances

                                           being built or torn down?

Concepts are revisited like family reunions; this concept was discussed earlier; are we being  built or torn down?

Its a debatable circumstance!! that's whats up with it!!  not an American Sniper in spiritual warfare we get hyper!! we continue to fight it using the sound....

Once Again It's On!! as I type this good word and the funk is dropped!!  The Sonic Assault is used as a weapon as we keep fighting..

Hazardous Material dropped? Armed and Dangerous  like Yemen with this? circumstances are debatable but we've got your back; *Some Perceive The World As Dangerous and Frightening*

We enlighten them; what we have is spiritual!! O-Dizzle is in the amen corner like an old deacon with a bald head rocking a black suit even though I've got on black jeans, an American Eagle sweater and Jordan kicks; it seems Circumstances are Debatable...

Being built or being torn down due to knowledge Jordan kicks about his shoes?  then so called American Legal Eagles didn't turn the level of scorn down per NYC Chokeholds and Ferguson!!  I told you about those that were hating on ya!!

Skating on ya!!  but this is not the Olympics; the ice was thin...

The Ice Age is over?  Dynamics of global warming?  but warning; due to the Lord's blessings we're gonna win..

We're going in / getting it in!!  already Out There!!  these brothas are putting it down...

But we admit to having doubts; Controversy has us wondering; Are We Being Built or Being Torn Down?

But we go all out with this!! work will be put it!! that's how were responding!!

It's going down!! work will be put in!! we're putting up points like Klay Thompson!!  


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