Friday, January 16, 2015

Something Was Wrong / It Wasn’t Natural

Enhanced by Steroids; but something is wrong, it wasn’t natural!! soon facing charges like Barry Bonds and other home run hitting clones;

Sermon by Rev. Adenoids / J.Anthony Brown?  but not told about these androids or clones…

Avoiding drones!! stay strong!!  not paranoid up in these zones!!  wise to the setup / hip to the game;  you have to know what’s going down….

It’s ill down here in the A-Town / Dekalb County;  please!!! it’s crazy from Nigeria to Belgium but what can I tell them;  something is wrong but It’s Going Down!!

Obama and Cameron say they don’t play around; they’re taking out Islamic State Fighters; they said it’s going down…..

Check out the drama put down by a  bunch of pranksters; pulling capers in pajamas or with jeans hanging off their ass making it hard to run;  faking out in these streets; soon Caught Up In The System / Matrix after it went down…

Something Was Wrong / It Wasn’t Natural | Whats Really Going On?

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