Wednesday, January 21, 2015

At The End Of The Day? It's Gotta Be Good!! PT.2

 Gamblers were out for a fast buck; stacking paper!!  dark money is  made off of clones, cyborgs, and other kool-aid drinkers...

Meanwhile big homie said It's Gotta Be Hood!! Empire on Fox style!!  check the profile!! similar to Glenwood Road in Decatur wannabe players, Swisher smokers and cognac drinkers..

Swerving in the Cadillac or old school *Stankin Lankin* or Lincoln Continental for those not thinking!!  no blinkers used while swerving!! It's Gotta Be Good  / all good in the hood!!

These intergalactic critical thinkers are dealing with  shady New England Patriot type fanatics out here In The Mainstream Of Mathematics!!  it's not natural how they're serving!! they're selling material that's not wood...

Synthetic materials?  the Perfect Storm wears them out!!!  then we face opposition per this breakbeat science being Hazardous Material when a spiritual message is delivered...

Towards the devil?  we're not sympathetic!!  no benevolence when the message is delivered!! it doesn't matter if its by UPS or Fed Ex; in the rain sleet and snow?  The Postal Service shivered..

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