Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Game Is Over: (Damn!! I Keep Telling Them) PT.2

Through playing games with them!! O-Dog pulled out the drum!! he's fighting back!!  the media's weapons of mass distraction per Deflategate were found to be null and void?

During the interaction Bishop Secular was heard asking who in the hell left the gate open? BreakBeat Science was dropped be these brothas!! oh yes the funk? these brothas were not devoid of!!

O-Zone? just a regular dude not a clone or android like these others; they're just out here chasing a Benjamin; Jackson or a Grant...

For O-Dog? *The Game Is Over* he's up in the lab / Secret Garden!! El Debarge; Barry White; James Ingram? please!! like Quincy Jones  seeds a brotha will plant..

Out in here in the smoke and fog enhanced by mirrors we're avoiding drones!! they can't keep them from the White House!! Please! we're all up in the house seeing how the media will slant; just a bunch of spin masters..

Please! per ATLien instructions O-Dog *kept it pimpin player* up in the lab?  he'll spin masters..

Please! analog; digital; CD; vinyl; O-Zone?  O-Dog? breakbeat scientists similar to scientists slowing down the speed of light!!

Parking lot pimping;  as we bounce through in some K-Swiss or Air Force Ones dropping this insight...

Limping like AirAsia Flight 8501 after it took off and before it crashed?  but not from an injury; these brothas are not the ones...

Wishing it was a simple thing but knowing damn well the sport is complex!! but these brothas are not the ones!! 

Just using dirty drums; obscure samples to fight spiritual battles..

The Game Is Over for those bringing the doldrums!! Once Again; it's The Sonic Assault!!  As the trunk rattles....

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