Friday, September 25, 2020

Funky Disco, House and Rap Classics 🔥 JMMSTR FVUK Guest Mix Series 2020

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Flashback Friday / Fabulous Friday as we put it down like this!!

This O-Dog Day Party will morph into my Friday Night Fever segment; my constituents are eligible for it,  as we put it down like this!!

Check it out!! you've found this dude in his element, dropping this good word and the sound as breakbeat scientific principles are followed..

Check it out!! check the attitude exhibited, similar to Tamika Mallory vs Daniel Cameron exposing a sellout after your president  Trump's doctrine was followed

"Eric be easy on the cut, no mistakes allowed"  per Eric B is President is the Flashback Friday reference, like listening to Funky Disco, House and Rap Classics 🔥 JMMSTR FVUK Guest Mix Series 2020

Not easy on the corrupt with this sonic assault; check out the playlist and th mix courtesy of Funky Vibes UK as we rebuke all the madness experienced in this year 2020..

JMMSTR - Funky Disco, House and Hip Hop Classics Tracklist 0:00 Instant Funk - I Got My Mind Made Up (Jam Master dub)
3:50 First Choice - Love Thang (Jam Master dub)
8:06 Bruno Mars - 24K (Jam Master unreleased dub) 
11:09 Redhead Kingpin & The FBI - Do The Right Thing (Jam Master remix) 
13:37 The Cool Notes - Spen The Night (Jam Master remix) 
17:02 Vigi - Let's Communicate 
20:22 Fatboy Slim - Praise You (Jam Master remix) 
24:29 Jam Master - Unreleased Dub 
26:18 Lyn Collins - Rock Me (Jam Master remix) 
30:24 De La Soul - Ring Ring Ring (Jam Master remix)
34:28 Earth, Wind & Fire - In The Stone (Jam Master re-edit) 
38:12 James Brown - Bodyheat (Jam Master remix)
41:58 Lizzo - Juice (Jam Master re-edit)
47:02 Jam Master - Salsoul Dub 
52:35 Jam Master - Shine 
56:05 Jam Master - Toujour

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