Wednesday, September 16, 2020

What's The Real Story? (Part Seven)

What's the real story? did we need somebody like Bob Woodward to pull out the tape recorder to see what it do / what it does?

Hostile territory / Tales From The Crypt? this good word  a Tale Of Two Cities like Charles Dickens concerning London and Paris? from here in Atlanta to Louisville who's fair with this? what it do / what it does?

Louisville? trying to be fair with this by paying Breonna Taylor's family but those officers involved in her killing need to be arrested..

Louisville? O-Zone knows the real story a former Louisvillian / Louisvillain!! they'll pay ya to make it all go away!! per this HumpDay Extravaganza? we're posted up, letting the music play: chilling!! the endeavor? thankful that the Lord blessed it..

The real deal / real story? those with the shady dealing stressed it!! following orders of the devil and his advocates..

What's the real story? is it similar to Trump taking orders from Putin?  considered Putin's useful idiot by Alexander Vindman; not disputing the truth when we "holla atcha with this"

What's the real story? Trump / Mnuchin and his other  people are looting the treasury, check the plots and schemes!!  meanwhile their system plays a brotha like Herman Cain, caught out there in Tulsa or was it Arizona? 

What's the real story? By the time I get to Phoenix from Isaac Hayes plays per the HumpDay Extravaganza!! not Throwback Thursday or Flashback Friday but I pumped that  back in the day in the Oldsmobile Delta 88 that played  the highway like it was made for a brotha!!

What's the real story? wrong moves made? you'll get played for it!  but we rise like the Phoenix, were on it!! we're rolling, like we're  out on Highway 101 in San Francisco.

...listening to San Francisco Nights by Bobbi Humphrey ;  damn! back in the day it was the alternative to disco!

Smooth like butter!! but due to the wildfires  it's rough out in California , it's not sweet like cookies from Nabisco, it's more like a disco inferno!!  soon you'll learn bro, as we cruise down I-20 in Atlanta  like Smoky Robinson!

Running smooth? naw!! a brotha is going through it like the rest of my people it's rough out here!!  but a dude is still keeping it local / national / international and intergalactic;  I might get lost in space like the Family Robinson!

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