Monday, September 07, 2020

What's The Real Story? (Part Three)

Whats' the real story? during this 2020 election period these politicians will spin a story like spinning a wheel..

In Babylon? it comes with the territory no error corrections check the information overload in the cycles, spin cycles like the washing machine? y'all know the deal!!

It's on per this so called Labor Day!!!  noticing how these jokers play, Trump Boat Parades we're even seen here at Lake Lanier..

Fruits of their labor were rotten per this Covid 19 and systemic racism ongoing charades provided the information / the real deal..

The behavior? it wasn't Real Deal Holyfield,  these jokers were playing games / charades like Trump calling veterans that paid the ultimate price losers and suckers..

Check the flavor, what's the real story? sonic assaults are unleashed on attack zones / a hostile territory!!  O - Zone was heard saying "I'm Gonna Get You Sucka" the movie and the song by the Gap Band, so what's up man? it's on so check the score; so  what's the real story  as we deal with wins and losses on the daily / on the regular!

Check the moves that we make, but we're out here still going through it!!  check the score, it doesn't matter if your somewhat holy or even secular!

Check the moves made by the fake, just a foul joker  acting brand new / acting like they knew? check the score, society has no respect for folk here in my neck of the woods.

What's the real story? like Al Roker we'll l forecast the weather but thought and fashion police will say whatever!! the so called cunning / clever  knew we weren't out of the woods.

...out in the wilderness in a remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta, maybe somebody will understand a brotha  trying to get out of these hoods!! almost losing it, swinging a machete like homie up in Louisville / Newburg during the argument!

What's the real  story? like I said we'll  proceed and continue now check the menu!! hustles are knocked as we rock these venues;  damn!! why did they start it? 

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