Friday, September 11, 2020

What's The Real Story? (Part Five)

I heard what was said by these so called pundits and  experts, supposedly knowing how it works; but what's the real story?

O-Dizzle? I wasn't misled, responding with drum kits and  with beats truncated as a dude works it all out in this hostile territory!!

What's the real story? we're rebuking the hostile takeover!! we're back in the game again like the NBA season resumed in the bubble.

Under suspicion like Danuel House? naw!! but hitting my constituents up with jazz / funk / hip hop and house music, plus typing this good word; who'll work with a brotha?

Started typing this during the HumpDay Extravaganza but not knowing when I would post it,  so what's up with a brotha? damn!! here we are at  a Flashback Friday?

What's the real story? getting over the hump? understand a brotha when he's saying that'll make it a Fabulous Friday!!

What's the real story? Friday feelings interrupted  due to screw ups by Trump?  I'm staying in the mix from a distance due to social distancing;  this Coronavirus isn't going anywhere.

The system is playing dirty tricks, more than Richard Nixon!! due to things out of my control?   they've still  got your dude kicking it on the front lines on the digital battleground  of spiritual warfare.

What's the real story? O-Dizzle mentioned the situation is out of control earlier, so who'll work with a bro? O-Zone will drop knowledge like Bob Woodward..

What's the real story? your dude will be more timely than Mr. Woodward based on seeing everything that's moving  / coming out of the woodwork...

Hostile territory attitudes displayed in these days and times?  in the hood I heard chants of no justice no peace due to the ongoing police brutality...

Per Flashback Friday? the O-Dog mix even mentions "I guess a black man can't have no peace" ; a dude had to dip back to the community now exercising diplomatic immunity..

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