Friday, September 18, 2020

What's The Real Story? (Part Eight)

That Brotha O-Zone already mentioned doing the knowledge earlier when he was in the mix; he's trying to find out what the real story is!!

Another in this zone was obstructing justice like Rod Rosenstein with the Mueller investigation; per Flashback Friday even Biggie Smalls said it was all a dream!! now it seems everybody is trying to find out what the real story is!!

Who's real in this territory? sometimes your dude is just chilling,  not trying to fool with another!! they're rolling like Trump trying to rush a Coronavirus Vaccine..

..probably trying to profit off of it some kind of way, but me and my people are feeling some kind of way because he wasn't concerned with Covid 19 earlier, downplaying it when it was first on the scene..

So what's the real story? while on the scene  Lev Parnas tried to tell y'all about Trump and his crooked lawyer Rudy Giuliani so what will be response be?

Bill Barr and the DOJ trying to clean up the mess like with Jeffrey Epstein? per Flashback Friday, up in Louisville? O-Zone grew up around crooks / cons, knowing what the deal will be!!..

 Knowing the scar won't heal even though Louisville paid Breonna Taylor's family but justice still hasn't been served as it gets real again!

Actually it always is, we knew the deal!!  as we ball with this hitting you up with breakbeat science...that's how we feel once again!

What's the real story? once again it's on as we continue to get breakbeat scientific!! blasting off into the universe / rolling down I-20 out here Atlanta..

What's the real story? once again it's on!! had to admit we're dealing with the detrimental but we'll fight it by hooking up a funky instrumental!!  trying to stay positive on another day in the City of Atlanta...

No pity from the street committee, somebody will understand a brotha they can bear witness..

Not out in this streets, Covid -19 still on the scene!! no trust for the CDC because it's politicized? what's the real story? y'all should know what the deal is!!

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