Monday, September 21, 2020

What's The Real Story? (Part Nine)

It's going down!! damn!! now they've got your dude out here asking, what's the real story?

It's going down!! these good words are dropped, but no need to use these words against me like Lindsey Graham concerning a Supreme Court nomination; by now y'all probably heard the story..

...concerning Merrick Garland; now Ruth Bader Ginsberg needs to be replaced  but back in day O-Zone was listening to Larry Graham with Graham Central Station while rolling in the Buick Regal  dipping down Garland street  in the California and Victory Park sections in Louisville..

Plus, we were trying to start this thing up in Newburg, on default settings so we didn't merge!!  standing on the verge of getting it on like Funkadelic? the family was paid but still no justice or peace for Breonna Taylor up in Louisville...

What's the real story? what else can I tell ya about Louisville? reminded of the city when I saw the old school Coupe DeVille rolling down Candler Road over in Decatur...

What's the real story? 2020 has been a rough year but some things remain the same; the  Miami  Hurricanes runs past Louisville in football and the Atlanta Falcons blow a 20 point lead,  losing to the Dallas Cowboys; what more can I tell ya?

What's the real story? what it do? were we acting brand new / acting like we knew? was it  like we've got a tag hanging off of us? 

Throw it in the bag like Fabulous? receipt in the bag, cash or credit? O-Zone given any credit for going off with this? 

What's up with this?  summer is coming to a close, the Fall Equinox is on deck; these clearance rack epiphanies are released., acting like we knew?  the office was busy!

What's the real story? interference from naysayers and highlanders that were opposed to this?  acting like the GOP with voter suppression; .stopping it is their top priority!

What's up with this?  started writing this on Sunday morning, now it's Monday morning but we've got the same vibe / energy; now fear is eradicated, prayers were sent up then blessings come down!

What's the real story?  enlightening the masses with this good word as we go there, plus beats were backdated plus futuristic..that's how O-Dizzle gets down.

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