Wednesday, September 30, 2020

October Surprises (Part One)

Check it out, can you see how it's going down? some are caught out there!! now it appears we're left to our own devices..

Trump hasn't paid any taxes? check how our beats bump and we respond with the facts; part of the October surprises? 

Wrapping up September, times we'll remember like Titans and Denzell Washington; Trump caste a spell on Washington now the whole town is crooked..

GOP club members try to dismember democracy, Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell  were just so crooked!!

Check the flow, is it the "same ole same ole"?  I don't know, but it does seem to be business as usual, mentioned by O-Zone earlier;  that can be good or bad!

Check the flow as we go for what we know, putting it down like this!! but whatcha know? as it all goes down, sometimes you know what to expect, then sometimes you wonder about the peace you once had!

..if you ever had it;  now check the October surprise during the pursuit of the prize; please!! due to the ongoing Covid 19 / systemic racism situation some minds are twisted!!  they're in a state of chaos!

Some minds were dangerous!! the kind to manipulate an October surprise? its all game,  now the drama is revisited!! we're out here where even officials fake the coin toss!

Those supposedly  anointed will front and floss but soon they'll  take a loss;  jobs were lost and others are one payroll check missed from being homeless!

Who's disappointed?  October surprises await them as the GOP rush to have Amy Coney Barrett appointed to the Supreme Court; the plot / scheme? Americans are on to this!!

Who's disappointed? October surprises not up to par like the Bill Barr / John Durham excursion or even Hunter Biden escapades? 

Now they're mad, but not as mad as Breonna  Taylor justice requesters, not approving Daniel Cameron grand jury  sequesters / charades

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