Sunday, September 13, 2020

"Thank You" (A Gospel House Mix) by DJ Spivey

Sunday Jazz Continues, check us out!! like with my Sonny Sharrock Band post from earlier O-Zone mentioned he was hitting different...

..with his; ignorance wasn't bliss he did the knowledge plus O-Dog will rock as we rebuke the hustle knock;  thought and fashion police said we were belligerent...

...just because we get breakbeat scientific fighting the spiritual warfare by weaponizing the music; for peace? it's conducive... the midst of the ongoing madness; we're taking it there but we know these earthlings won't be fair; peace is elusive..

...but we'll keep it moving listening to this "Thank You" (A Gospel House Mix) by DJ Spivey; right on time for this Sunday...

...matching my vibe; head to the sky saying thank you to the Lord earlier while rolling through these Atlanta streets watching the tribe; it's rough out here, we'll have to pray!! check out the playlist and the good house music / gospel house / gospel jazz / jazzdance that'll play...

Thanks You: 00:00 Thank You (Intro) by Pastor Charles G. Adams
01:00 Oh Give Thanks (Album Version) by Jasper Street Co., Teddy Douglas, DJ Spen
08:00 Thank You Lord (Guido P Soulful Mix) by Connie Harvey 
13:30 He is The Joy (UPB Classic Mix) by Donna Allen 
18:03 Walkin' (Jovonn in Ya Face Mix) by Mary Mary 
22:41 Testified (Scan 7 The Way of the 7 Extended Mix) by Oliver Dollar 
25:04 Work It Out (Stomp & Praise Mix) by Soul Slayerz 
29:03 Midnight With Jesus (DJ Punch Baby Powder Happy Soul Clap Mix) by DJ Punch 
32:59 Chuuch by Scan 7
37:28 Born Again (Original Gospel Stomp) by Redsoul 
43:10 A Purpose (Spen & Hedge 12" Vocal) by Michelle Weeks 
48:35 Keep On Praisin' (Junior White Remix) by Fred Hammond 
55:52 Holy (Reprise) by Bishop Bobby Hilton & Word of Deliverance Mass Choir

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