Friday, September 04, 2020

What's The Real Story? (Part Two)

They thought I was asleep but I see everything that's moving around me; sometimes asking myself, what's the real story?

Through the smoke and mirrors I'll creep; per Flashback Friday? grooving, check the sound / check the steady bombardment of the enemy position / territory...

...the response to horrors / terrors in this hostile territory subject to the hostile takeover by a Trump / Barr coup? 

Cons orchestrating the horrors / terrors? Trump administration pushing  a Covid vaccine by election day? I wouldn't trust it, I see how these jokers are trying to play!! they're acting brand new / acting like they knew!!

Juries are deliberating based on the trumped up evidence or what they supposedly knew; what's the real story? or was the evidence fabricated like old school auto  factories that Trump was supposed to build or reopen per his 2016 campaign?

Curious; still hating? that's what some of these folks do!! they don't want to see us get over the hump according to them we're supposed to stay in pain..

...but from Atlanta to Louisville and from Portland to Kenosha these folks aren't playing!! Antifa / BLM  vs the Proud Boys? Socialist? Communist? Capitalist? Fascist? to no one,  are we showing /  proving / we kept it moving, we came back with this!! we never quit or stopped! we come with this, in the sport again, but what's the real story? we're broadcasting live from a remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta,  chilling at ground zero for the civil rights movement per MLK , John Lewis and others; coming strong like Kawhi Leonard driving to the hoop but an offensive foul was called!! the madness hasn't stopped!

...but this sonic defender dropped funk on the enemy position!! I told you to check check the steady bombardment!

Who's caught in a blender or a melting pot? what's the real story? caught up in the scheme / plot while all up in the spot? O-Zone wanted no part of it!!

Who will hinder progress? the GOP led by Trump / Barr / McConnell playing a part in it the conspiracy?

No surrender no defeat was the slogan;   check us out!! getting over the hump / bar / refusing to fail is the real story!!

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