Wednesday, September 09, 2020

What's The Real Story? (Part Four)

What's the real story? Michael Cohen was telling us something we already knew about Trump being a racist..

It comes with the territory, knowing that about fifty percent of these Americans will still support him, that's what the case is... we face this and other detrimental situations; no Oxford Covid Vaccine?  damn!! Trump said it'll be on the scene by election day!!

What's the real story? an O-Dog instrumental will accompany this good word as we try to get over the hump per this HumpDay Extravaganza! we're ready to roll  / we're on our way!! familiar territory, out on I-20  in Atlanta trying to figure out who'll understand a bro!! I came a long way from when I was struggling and the hooptie  broke down!! they had me rolling in a rental!

What's the real story?  actually it was wreckage from when the old dude over on Buford Highway in Chamblee ran into the hooptie with his old school Toyota Corolla, the truth be told!! cold!! they had me all up in the Jeep Cherokee,  old school is the attitude of the mental!

What's the real story? another old dude catching wreck?  it made me pull out the Kangol, per the HumpDay Extravaganza? soon I was listening to a Grover Washington Jr instrumental..Mr. Magic. 

What's the real story? it was the live version, so these days it's like  whatever's working!! check the coping strategy, so how were others trying to roll? per the ongoing drama from Portland to Louisville to Rochester  to Washington the outlook can be tragic!

What's the real story?  all the way like is how we're working it !! O-Dizzle is in the sport again from Louisville to Atlanta! Look Me Up like the track from Blue Magic!!.

...But jokers are probably still mad at me, influenced by the thought and fashion police; outcomes tragic?

We're back with it, regardless of how folks feel about it, we'll  deal with it!! character and passion will be exhibited..

What's the real story?  I told y'all earlier we see everything that's moving; we're out here trying to be real with it!!

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