Wednesday, September 02, 2020

What's The Real Story? (Part One)

Your dude sees everything that's moving, it has me asking questions like my other blog;  What's Really Going On?

What's the real story? who's showing / proving?  now everyone's guessing, meanwhile O-Dog dropped the beat and this good word is from O-Zone...

What's the real story? breaking news is dropped by these breakbeat scientists after investigations are conducted but we're  not corrupted like the Justice Department or even Rod Rosenstein concerning Trump and Russia..

What's the real story up in Louisville? Kenneth Walker is suing, Jamarcus Glover said Breonna Taylor wasn't in on it but Louisville detectives want to clean things up, they'll apply pressure..

O-Zone even felt the pressure, a 2.0 Navajo Code Talker letting jokers know the game is over, that's the deal as we proceed and continue..

Danger zones will test ya, a discrete mode based on the street code is followed; the saga / struggle will continue..

Clones? using nicknames / aliases / plus the also known as!! check the multiple personalities and altered egos!

How were we playing this? what's the real story as we're rolling through these multiple municipalities? from Oakland to Louisville to the AT,  spotting elixir sippers aka Black Trump supporters / altered Negroes!

How were we playing this? others were out there suffering due to negative Trump policies!! it's a melting pot of Indians, Asians, Latinos, and Caucasians.

How were we playing this? what's the real story?  dealing with the pain suffering by doing the damn thing!! Local / National / International / Intergalactic with it!! but for a so called illegal alien?  no love like the Deele on two occasions!

....Day and night!! word from Kid Cudi!!   per this HumpDay Extravaganza that's whats up with me! mathematics will get dropped!

What's the real story? opposition is met but in Babylon it comes with the territory;  "they ain't right" was the word on the curb!!  that was heard after we cosmic slopped! 

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