Thursday, September 10, 2020

Funky Nu Disco House Mix 2020 - Dj XS Autumn Funk Essentials

Digital Crate Digging Continues on this Throwback Thursday, as we handle that appropriate business..

We're trying to handle business before it handles us, naysayers didn't gamble on us so it's up to us; somebody might be able to feel this!!

...they know what the deal is!! these players will keep playing like champions representing like Kyle Lowry with the Toronto Raptors!!

 ..they know what the real is!! these prayers will be answered if we all stay righteous, knowing how the foul will be!! they'll continue to fight this, they want to see our capture..

...they want to see us caught up in the system / matrix but this sound is weaponized in the spiritual warfare!! we'll make this sonic assault a good one!! O-Dog Day Partying!! listening to Funky Nu Disco House Mix 2020 - Dj XS Autumn Funk Essentials courtesy of Funky Vibes UK; from London to here in Atlanta the good music will play!! check out the playlist and the mix!! this is a good one!!

1. Hall & Oates - I Can't Go For That (Nicolaas Remix)
2. Stephen Nicholls - Somebody Else's Guy
3. Louie Vega - I Hear Music in the Streets (Touch Mix)
4. Paper Street Soul - Rain (Ourra Remix)
5. Anoraak - Fire Inside (Emperor Machine Mxi Edit) ***Not on Youtube
6. LaBelle - Messin With My Mind (Rafael Cancian Edit)
7. Bobby Patterson - It Takes Two (Ziggy Phunk Dj Re-Edit)
8. XL Middleton - Crown Royal Bags
9. JaFunk, Nic Hanson & NanaBcool - Fool For you
10. Wham - Everything Boasty (Dj XS Bad Boy Remix)
11. Moniseur Van Pratt - Jazz Taz
12. Ladies on Mars - Play With Fire
14. Mike Dunn - If I Can't Get Down (Mousse T's Funky Shizzle Extended Mix)
15. Jamie Vice - It's Too Much
16. Smoove & Turrell - Do It (Ray Mang Remix)
17. Westwood X - Hot Tub
18. Callvin - Feel Your Soul
19. Lambert & Handle - Get In Love (Right Now) (Kevin McKay Extended Remix)
20. Sidwho - Shake Your Body
21. Andy Buchan - Voodoo (Funk Edwards Remix)
22. Pelace - Helix (Pepe's Helicoidal Disco Mix)
23. Johannes Volk - Rainbow Rockets
23. AKSK - Strong Like Nature

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