Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Affected By These Glitches In The Matrix

Whats the deal? damn..the saga / struggle continues..even Obama felt Romney was shoveling crap...so these glitches in the matrix led to the epiphany! 

What will the response be? whose real compared to what per Les McCann and Eddie Harris? as these snitches fake it..whose real with me? 

Whats really going on? that's word  per my spot on Blogster!!!

Please!! these jokers think its the truth I'm disputing...naw!! ..they thought I was talking slick like Vladimir Putin..now these danger zone residents try to play me like I'm a mobster!

....Like its on!!! as I chill at the obscure restaurant..all up in the spot eating lobster and steak; like Romney and Santorum in Michigan politicking! 

Whats the deal? the product isn't pure...glitches in the matrix will have us all in the sanatorium..but were just trying to put it down as the clock keeps ticking! 

A brotha is sticking to the original plan; please!! check it out...its part of a bigger one...check the forum..but I make adjustments due to the glitches in the matrix! 

Whats up man? not a retirement plan.. please!! you can't truss it per Public Enemy; we're dealing with these snitches that fake it!

Whats up man? as we shake it off..now turning dials and hitting switches in the lab...but this entity is not immune to the chaos and mayhem...

Whats up man? check us out...as we break it off...a piece of this intergalactic funk..check the styles man..please!! its similar to the auroras of the Northern Lights.. also check these insights were spraying..

We're not playing around with these fanatics..the mothership is like the Virgin Galactic..but now were back down to earth..

...While dealing with these glitches in the matrix we found out what its all worth...

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