Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Were Going Through It....But Were Still Supposed To Be Thankful!!

Were going through it...the process!! but in the meantime and between time were still supposed to be thankful! 

Were going through it....whose subject to the authority? victimized by capers that the bank pulled! 

Dude rolled up in the old Buick Regal out here in Decatur Georgia...vapors from that purple drank that he pulled from the Sprite bottle were evident!

Meanwhile I was over on Wesley Chapel in Decatur at the QT drinking Honduras Fair Trade coffee...but others were smoked out or even iced or x-ed out; choosing their was evident! 

Meanwhile out in Honduras the prison is on least 300 whose benevolent?  this is not the kumbaya type of business! 

Whats up with it? Rah! Rah! Rah! was heard from so called leaders up in the corporate business!

But not in the Euro-Zone..what were they on?  yesterday was Valentines Day...but its no La La La means I love you business like the Delfonics talked about! 

This is frontline spiritual warfare business!! Sonic Assaults are launched...were going all out!

Actually..breakbeat scientific business is going down...please believe me...were thankful for the opportunity!

But were wishing it was simple...going through the process...haters try to deceive me and you..were feeling the stress; whose exercising diplomatic immunity?

As we hit game winning shots like Jeremy Lin... now some act like they knew me...but we're still going through it...

But were supposed to be we act like we knew..we keep on doing it!!!

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