Sunday, February 12, 2012

Were Just Trying To Get Peace To Be Still

Whats the deal? Trying to get peace to be still..but like in didn't want to act right! 

Whats the deal? actually a lot crazy things are going on..that's the deal!! in the lab I rehearse..trying to get my act right! 

How will I act once I get my mind right? whats its gonna be like?..Houston, we have a problem...please!! the worlds gonna be in trouble!

R.I.P Whitney Houston...the media remembers problems instead of accomplishments...they didn't act like they know this; they even try to track me..they try to scope me out like the Hubble! 

....Wishing and hoping it was simple; like Jeremy Lin makes it look..but we see the stress double..but its always been that way! 

Whose dishing out assists like Jason Kidd? who were some trying to kid? please!! an armchair quarterback called that play! 

Whats the deal with this? whose showing persistence? they're still fighting like Al Qaeda..Al-Shabab even joined in ..they said war comes before peace!

Were seeing what the deal is....peace just wouldn't be still!! we couldn't be at ease!

Peace wouldn't be still..we tried to box it in...but it just gets away...

From the ATL to Louisville...from Iran to your land..check out how some of these people play...

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