Monday, February 06, 2012

Caught Up In The Struggle

Whats the deal? whats goes on? my peeps are caught up in the struggle! 

Whose real in the danger / red zone? armchair quarterbacks are similar to Coach Belichick up in the huddle! 

As we come back with it...the mothership has landed..O-Dizzle will have a banger...O-Zone will take it there with the good word..

As we come back with it...the reign began with a some are caught out there like Knowshon Moreno..another pro athlete in trouble...has anything good been heard?

Check out the funk..just got back from Pluto and Mars...were intergalactic like space shuttles..the hooptie is like the Virgin we put it down like this! 

A fanatic deserves these rebuttals!! they brought the Static like James Brown talked about...they tried to tell us its like that and like this!

Mathematics are the weapons used..didn't need Clint Eastwood to speak for we continue to fight this spiritual warfare!

Erratic is how the flow is...who will tweak this? the thought and fashion police set up roadblocks like police in Dekalb County Georgia.. please!!! its rough out there

Erratic is how the flow is...assets are frozen like Iran's..whats up man? whose swerving on the wrong side of the road when they go there? 

Observing the scene..whose ready to roll? wrong ghetto passes or wrong codes used? you'll be caught up..caught out there! 

Who do you know out there? looking for relief? actually were all caught up in the struggle! 

Told a joker to spare me that word!! it was from that armchair quarterback that was in the huddle!

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