Saturday, February 11, 2012

Chilling Like A Villain PT.2....Just Laying In The Cut

I can see these jokers are trying to play me another way;  maybe because I was losing but making comebacks like Mitt Romney...but usually I'm just laying in the cut!

...Surrounded by broken spirits victimized by the they were geeked up by Sarah Palin at CPAC...whose playing games with the corrupt?

Whats up with that? check the sounds..the broken beat theory is used; plus we let you know whats up with the good word!

Whats up with that? please!! we weren't out in Las Vegas getting locked down like Suge might have found us in the lab laying in the cut until the smoke heard?

....Surrounded by reluctant warriors...distracted by the economy.. even though Valentines Day is here ..nothing romantic about these warriors per Return To Forever! 

So whats up with it? while laying in the cut  I found out I have to love them from a distance; but they still say whatever! 

So called cunning and clever ones rolled like Vladimir Putin...they get shady and shifty with this and that..the whole world is corrupt! 

They're not running anything over here!! how were they trying to play me? please...that's why I'm laying in the cut!

So whats up? this world will make a mockery of you like they did Whitney Houston...may she rest in peace....

So whats up? we're just chilling like a villain..or maybe a Louisvillian....laying in the cut...realizing there's no justice no peace..

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