Saturday, February 11, 2012


Winds of change were blowing ..whats that noise? I heard them talking to me! 

Naw!!! it's not strange...whatcha knowing? what did you ask us? please!!  its all about success..whose stalking it with me?

You'll get hit up like the Syrian General over in Damascus...whats up cuz? whose trying to win like Jeremy Lin? pitchers were balking on the armchair quarterbacks were called for the illegal procedure! 

Crime scene tape and white chalking is going down at crime scenes ....all up in the spot; who will beseech ya? 

I was trying to reach ya!!!  putting messages in the songs; plus I had this good word.

Others were trying to leach off ya like mortgage companies!! whose attached? stealing your aura...your spirit; you heard? 

I heard they tried to enter your stream of consciousness polluting the air! 

What occurred? some go ballistic...nuclear like a reactor..the devil stayed busy!! how did he react to ya!!  he found another front for spiritual warfare!

As we go there!!! the truth is not disputed when we take these intergalactic passages! 

Just got back from Pluto and Mars...doing what we do...studied the Dark Mystery of Time and Space...providing proof when we send these messages!

Whatcha know? earthlings are full of bruises and let the healing process begin!!

Whatcha know? check out how we work this thing...tired of the losing streaks like Mitt Romneys ...we're just trying to win... 

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