Friday, February 10, 2012

Caught In A Moment Of Time PT.4....Here And Now Like Luther...

It's like the Luther joint...Here and Now...I was caught in a moment of time; so I started another one! 

Its like a Republican presidential candidate being at CPAC ..who will they anoint? this is a critical stage of development; either we master it or come undone! 

Whats up son? we knew the devil would get up in it...the Catholics concerning contraception...check the deception...what kind of mess are some in? meanwhile we come with the drum and the good word; we had to go for it! 

Whatcha heard about it? please!!! somebody said being in Atlanta is like being in the promised land...but life is hectic...people down here are struggling...but you know spin masters will work with it!

Whatcha heard about it? were caught in a moment of time..who'll play it like Jeremy Lin...but they get hurt trying it at home when they weren't equipped?

Who'll work with ya? watch out Roland Martin types ..the thought and fashion police set up roadblocks; but I stay a step ahead; through the galaxy I dipped!

Dipped to Pluto and Mars...came back with the funk...others slipped into darkness like the War joint where others were waiting! 

Others tripped on their own feet!! they were laughed at by others who were hating! 

Others were skating on thin ice affected by global warming; soon caught in a moment of time! 

Now subject to the authority...subjects of drama royalty; whose showing loyalty? please I'm blasting this Sonic Assault going for mine!


  Critical Stages Of Development Mix by omanxl1

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