Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Once Again Its On....As We Proceed and Continue

Once again its on..as we proceed and continue...we just do it like a Nike tennis shoe! 

The saga / struggle continues..even though summer madness is over...were wishing it was simple!! ...with our issues minuscule! 

I didn't receive receipts with the N-Word on them like dude out in Cali...but haters get foul with me..but a brotha will still bounce or pimp through the spot "like it ain't nothing"

Ambulance chasers pounce on train or ship wreck victims like the Costa Concordia!! some might get paid for the pain and suffering! 

Victims of circumstances can't afford to be bold?  that's cold..like the Houston family saying Bobby Brown's not wanted at Whitney's funeral?  at least that's what so called powers that be said! 

Houston / NASA...we have a problem!! whats up with some? man makes plans but God laughs...he knows the outcome; but O-Zone is revolutionary like a dread! 

Somebody said you can try if you want to...Sly and The Family Stone even said you can make it if you try!!  somebody asked..why ask why? they said  life isn't fair..check the charade!

Somebody has to do it..please!!!! its a rough job..but I take time to chill out at the QT on Wesley Chapel in Decatur; drinking a cup of coffee..Honduras fair trade! 

Whats the deally? were not at the chapel of love!!! a hater tried to go off on me..but just a micro manager! 

Whats the deally? as we proceed and continue..we know the economics can be micro or macro...but we know how that go!! we continue to drop science like Jeru the Damaja!

Jokers need to come clean..as we come on the scene...as we put it down like this..

Once again its on...as we proceed and continue...spiritual warfare continues to go down..as we fight this...

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