Thursday, February 09, 2012

There Seems To Be A Lot Going On

There seems to be a lot going on; some of it behind the scenes. ..some of it in front of our face! 

....Like deals with mortgage lenders concerning foreclosure abuses...the assignment? a haters more subliminal or blatant abuses occur...whose going through something? please!! there's no where to run or hide...some front and fake it on these sets and scenes; but trouble is written all over their face!

Word from the Rude Boys with Levert ; somebody gets hurt..I heard they're in pain! 

Some called themselves cunning, clever and shrewd; but running with the wrong team like Herman Cain! 

Meanwhile we go on with our bad selves..we're putting in work..once again; like Al-Qaeda back in business rolling with Somalians...that's how we're dealing with the madness!

There seems to be a lot going on!! from the Euro Zone to noise being made by Rick Santorum...but we bring the rebuttal when we come back with this! 

There seems to be a lot going on!! authorities try to track down here in Dekalb County Georgia and other places roadblocks are set up! 

The thought and fashion police collaborate; charges will be brought up...some will get suspended like Roland Martin..or they'll even stay on probation like Chris Brown..whose caught up? please we were wise to the set up!

Sonic Assaults are unleashed...O-Dog is he gets down...what were you starting? the opposition gets squashed like in Syria..

My kind weren't liked...hated on like Mike Vick and Tiger Woods.. they didn't know it was knowledge that we might things tight in these hoods..we bear witness to the mass hysteria..

There seems to be a lot going on..from Candler Rd in Decatur Georgia to Beatties Ford Rd in Charlotte jokers will truth or dare ya...its going down like that...

There seems to be a lot going on..some blame it on the stars..with Mars and The Moon meeting in Venus and Uranus in Aries...whatcha know? its going down like that!!

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