Sunday, February 05, 2012

They Fell For It....Now They're Acting Brand New

Whats really going on? some were like Mitt Romney..acting brand new..damn I see some fell for it! 

What will the response be? some were like Newt Gingrich...but some will snitch about it...I heard dude say don't get him started!! he would run and tell all of it! 

Whose responsible for the glitches in the matrix? an unwilling or willing part of it...the conspiracy; actually a card carrying member! 

Some will get cut from the like the team like the New England Patriots did Tiquan Underwood...others disappeared; told family members I'll see you in September!

Some fell for they're acting brand new; but things are tight in these hoods...from the ATL to haters dismember the family's like strange fruit...whose hanging out on a limb?

Listening to the Stangefruit Project with Erykah Badu...they told us to Get Live...but the prosecution will object...thers no whose out on a limb?  I here chainsaws buzzing below..heard TLC mention what about your friends? 

Herman Cain saw and felt the backlash; then the blame was found to be elsewhere! 

I heard some are in pain!! posted up on gurneys at Grady in the ATL, Shands in the Jax , St Johns up in the "D" and St Elsewhere! 

The whole game is shady!! New Orleans Saints tried to go there but they were stopped by the 49ers!

Others fell for the okey doke; now they're acting brand new..whose in on the inside joke? meanwhile we go for broke..that's where you'll find us! 

Its all game up in this piece...those are the answers..the lights didn't blind us...that was word from the big homie; plus the prophetess said amen to it! 

Its all game up in this piece!! some fell for acting brand new..but wishing it was simple...meanwhile this good word is dropped; a funky track O-Dizzle track is what I'm playing to it!

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