Thursday, February 23, 2012

Check The Methods To The Madness

The confusion was organized; check the $4 a gallon gas prices..check the ongoing crisis...there was a method to the madness! 

Whose losing / whose winning? ask 35,000 postal workers.. outcomes are reflected in the joy and sadness! 

The playa playa down here in Atlanta said he had this!! he was cruising in the old school Caddie Fleetwood Brougham; dressed in linen with Stacy Adams kicks on!

He said theres a method to the madness; he was pimping  like Herman Cain;  he had this so honies he tricks on!

Wall Street and corporations will work that thing!! ..meanwhile the apparatus picks on the downtrodden; kicking them while they're down!

But check the we drop this good word on you; plus were kicking this breakbeat sound! 

Check the status...staying on point; haters will take your site down like Megaupload! 

Madness methods and coping strategies vary; you have to stay flexible!! haters will knock you off have to follow the street code!

Rolling in a discrete mode; everybody doesn't have to be up on it! 

You have to recognize the pattern....soon realizing that evil is the opponent! 

As we come with'll be like Iraq...I can see some will continue to bring drama; they're on the warpath! 

As we come with it...O-Dizzle will we fight the powers that be when we come with more math! 

The last hours can get ugly!! hope you have methods to the madness!

The Lord continues to shower us with blessings; as we come back with this!

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