Thursday, February 16, 2012

Its Going Down....I Even Felt The Pressure....

Its going down!! I Felt The Pressure...a lot of other folk are on the same page with me! 

The universe has another test for ya....based on the karma; these actors and actresses find out where the stage will be! 

The critical stage of development was influenced by those acting dastardly! 

Damn!! its pitiful..some of us played ourselves..acting haphazardly! 

I even felt the pressure!!! there was no where to run or hide..they flabberghasted me for a minute! 

...But now knowing where the hazard will be; now it's going down ...I'm in it to win it!

Its going Jeremy Lin and them... but during the ongoing process? messages? we're sending them..

O-Zone is manufacturing this good word...funky tracks? O-Dizzle is blending them...

Souls are fracturing..whats the word on the curb? its going down from Syria on down to the Honduras..

Souls are fracturing...will there be any closure? or will there just be more foreclosures... who will get a pass?

The devil and his advocates are opposed to us...that was the word from the old school baptist preacher...he was humble...he wasn't wrapped in the Book of Torah like Eddie Long...

Its going we come back with this...bringing the good word...the sound will we rock steady...trying to stay strong...

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