Monday, February 27, 2012

Were We On The Same Page?

I was peeping game..doing the knowledge; no selective default like Greece? please!! I could see we weren't on the same page! 

We weren't sleeping in the game...haters will soon show respect for the Sonic Assault after we bumped heads with the apparatus like a ram; but not an Aries...but feeling the same rage!

Chilling earlier...feeling the Pisces sun rays...some of us brought up during the same age...the age of Aquarius!!! whose acting nefarious like Republicans? these and those will oppose..they're just devil's advocates!

As we engage enemy forces or the arch nemesis on the frontline;  even at the Chardon High School in Ohio.. some were even on the premises! 

Ignored the empty promises made by actors and actresses in search of Academy Awards..they're playing it like they're on a stage! 

We weren't rolling like Sacha Baron Cohen...whatcha knowing? we're too busy keeping it real; I could see some aren't on the same page! 

Rules of engagement from Hague or the Geneva Convention were ignored! 

Now fools staged a caper; they're trying to deceive you on the front lines of spiritual warfare; now its like Syria...troops were deployed!

The Brotha O-Dizzle was not devoid of funk; check the street funk; plus O-Zone had the good word for these players! 

The acid reign began with a drizzle; it soon penetrated ozone layers!

What are some on? they'll be adrift like the Costa Allegra that just left Madagascar...fresh bait for Somali pirates..

What are some on? maybe I didn't get the drift..knowing it'll cost to be a fly negro...I wasn't on that page..I'm just a breakbeat scientist..bear witness to what the style is...


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