Monday, February 20, 2012

Trying To See What It Do

I'm trying to see what it do; not lolly gagging like Mitt Romney; some might even spot me sliding through the portal! 

Acting like I knew...actually its all about freedom like in I'm riding; but like Kobe Bryant I know how the sport will go! 

The devil is opposed!! plus he had advocates...I see them and wouldn't want to be them! 

I see some looking for another bailout like Greece; others were discarded on the roadside like roadkill!! after being thrown under the bus; the system no longer needs them! 

That chef from Hells Kitchen feeds them food that lacks nutritional value! 

The coping strategy fails!! it doesn't matter if you come together like Cain and Gingrich.. there was no unconditional love;  haters will foul you! they do Jeremy you go to the hoop; trying to be a good troop...feeling the pain due to glitches in the matrix...whats happening..will you take one for the emperor?

As we give you the scoop; actually Al Gore already did..check the temperature! 

Check the score....70 degrees in Atlanta; in February when I wrote this! 

Check the score..please!! Newt Gingrich thought he has it going on....offering $2.00 gas? now wondering where the vote is! 

...As I quote this Captains Log like I was Captain Kirk on the Starship Enterprise!

As I tote this sack full of the good word; putting work in!! a superstar soon? I'll win the prize! 

Meanwhile the wise and otherwise were telling me they had a plan!

But my style wasn't compatible with it; I had to laugh..they thought they had a man!

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