Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Equation

Doing the mathematics; damn!!! something is wrong with the equation!

Whats the formula? ...word from The Doc... things don't equal..they don't balance; will things dry up like the Mayan civilization? soon causing confusion and frustration! 

Now some are like folks in Syria...they're caught up in an unpleasant situation; but some will feel right at home! 

They were misled!! they enjoy waiting in the dark; fights some spark like Edgar vs Aldo...whose catching left hooks and right crosses across the dome? 

Whatcha know? reality is sending them a knockout some will have checks to cash!

Meanwhile O-Dizzle will rock out!! the sound is a weapon we use against so called Titans when they want to clash!

Beats and rhymes are stashed in the Safe House per Denzil Washington!

Its not just the streets where crimes are committed; check the so called corridors of power from Wall Street to Washington! 

Whats up son? its like Ron Paul concerning Rick Santorum;  I was told to pick and choose my battles! 

What was I on? no Oscars or Academy Awards were won....after doing the math I saw my roots and culture were disrespected; so these haters? were ready to battle! 

Were ready to roll!! were on are way; now the trunk will rattle like dude named Roscoe rolling with his homie G-Money up in the Buick Regal going down Candler Rd in Decatur! 

Were ready to roll!! were on our way; like G20 and the money; trying to make things balance in the equation..flying like an eagle per Steve Miller..with no understanding from a hater! 

Like Larry Graham..sooner or later we'll come up with the right formula! 

....So the equation can equal; the evil?  we see through!! the system tries to bring harm to ya!

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