Sunday, February 19, 2012

Still Subject To The Authority

This is like being in Syria..check the mass hysteria...were all up in the spot; you can call this hostile territory! 

Whats up with ya? whose victimized by the hostile takeover? from Greece on over to Iran...whats up man?  some may live to tell the story! 

Whose victimized? now subject to the authority...but we've got a hot style; using this good word and breakbeats to get over...were putting it down like this!

Based on the solid rock foundation..found out we came overcome any situation; God prepared us for this!

Now O-Dizzle will rock the nation...actually the universe..based on surviving in the Babylon Forest; Louisville / Newburg prepared us for this! 

Whats the dizzle? arriving down here in the ATL; whats the deal with fake ones? we didn't merge...they're trying to truth or dare this!...

Whats the dizzle?  I share this with the's like the Houston family shared Whitney with us...we're realizing there's no peace or justice..especially during these times of uncertainty! 

Haters weren't fair with love or war? reality will conduct classes...its hard to find someone to work with me! 

....Surrounded by the corrupt..some told us to for Putin.. but ghetto passes and entry codes are maintained; you heard me!! that's based on my upbringing! 

The truth? O-Zone is not disputing..he's dedicated to the sound will get funky; that's whats up!! from the get go O-Dizzle has been in funk mode; were all up in the whats up with this thing?

Some were disrespecting Bobby Brown at Whitney's funeral..seems he was in hostile territory...

As we raise the roof..check the sound...sonic weapons are stashed just like the cache of missiles from Libya found in Algeria... but during the ongoing mass hysteria we'll all be subject to the authority...

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